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I offer a wide range of gunsmithing services, though I do not offer machining services. Most of my smithing services revolve around repairing normal wear and tear, such are part replacements. This service generally starts with a troubleshooting phase which could lead to a LIKELY or a DEFINITE culprit. Sometimes an issue might be caused by any number of issues. I generally start with the least expensive to implement.

I have a healthy network of parts suppliers and manufacturers that can provide just about any part that you are looking for and I can get it installed for you. However, keep in mind, the more obscure or old the firearm, the more expensive it might be to find replacement parts. I am dabbling in 3D printing, and would be interested in attempting that in some parts (non-receiver/fire control group).

Free Estimates

I do offer the service of a free inspection on firearms. This will be me taking a look at the firearm in regards to the failures that you described and attempting to locate the cause. Upon obtaining the cause, an estimate will be drawn up for how much it will cost, parts and labor, to repair your firearm. At that point, you can either give me the green light to move forward with the orders and repairs and I can collect payment, or you can pickup the firearm at no cost to you.

This is different from my Deep Cleaning Service, which might end up being the recommendation of the estimate depending on what is discovered. Exceptionally dirty firearms will be required to have a deep clean in addition to any gunsmithing work. Exceptionally dirty means firearms with caked carbon, rust, dust bunnies/fur/hair, crumbs, gun powder remnants, and other debris that would make working on the firearm more tedious or otherwise impair the firearms ability to operate.