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FFL Transfer

FFL Transfers are offered at a cost of $20 at the time the 4473 is completed. If you are picking up more than one firearm, each additional firearm is $5. This service includes firearms purchased from other retailers and shipped for transfer and to private parties who wish to have a transfer completed via 4473.

Per Federal Law, firearms can ONLY be shipped to a licensed FFL. This law states that an FFL CAN RECEIVE a firearm from EITHER a private citizen OR another FFL holder. The following stipulations are required on shipped firearms:

  • Private Citizen
    • Color Copy of Drivers License
    • Contact Information
  • FFL
    • Copy of FFL License
  • All Items need to be submitted both Digitally AND be included as paper copies inside the shipment.

All Buyers should notify me before or shortly after making their purchase so that I can know to be expecting your package in the mail. Providing a tracking number would also be extremely helpful in ensuring you get your firearm as quickly as possible.

You can contact us through the Contact page, send an email to [email protected], or text or call at 469-474-7000.