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Accessory Installation

Sometimes you just don’t have the tool that you need, and that is perfectly fine. Sometimes you just don’t want to do it yourself. That’s cool to! Whatever the case, I am more than happy to get you squared away. Need a new sight pushed? I gotcha. Need that new laser mounted securely? Consider it done! Can’t figure out how to wrangle that new 60 point sling? Let me wrestle with it!

Do you need help with your new shoulder rig? I’m more than happy to pull on your straps to get you fitted up right! Are you afraid to drop that trigger in yourself? I’m not, gimme! No matter what your accessory is, I can help you get it installed properly and securely for you.

But Wait….There’s More!

Buy It From Me, I Install It For Free

— Me!

Within reason, if you purchase an accessory through me, I offer free installation of the accessory. There are some exceptions to this such as the amount of time it might take to install going over 1 hour, and desired firearms being excessively dirty.

You can contact us through the Contact page, send an email to [email protected], or text or call at 469-474-7000.